Miasma is the vapor that will sicken. Invisible and threatening, the odors make the illness inescapable. An old idea, somehow, now eerily appropriate. "Miasma" is an album created with a desire to explore all that is possible with some cheap guitars, a hodgepodge of pedals, a lot of software, and no deadline. The electric guitar turned electronic. Swirls of sounds, head-heavy solos, synthetic oscillations, radical modulations. Take your treats and give a listen to layers of sounds designed to trip you the fuck out.
and listen to the full album


This album began in my childhood bedroom, late at night, during a visit home. With a guitar, a couple pedals (does the AdrenaLinn count as one pedal?), and a phone, I recorded several loops of sounds and riffs. A few sessions like this, and I later brought the sounds onto my computer and fleshed them out. I didn't intend to make all guitar music, but that is what moved me.  
Overtime, I over-worked the sounds with a lot of software. Primarily working in Bitwig Studio, though also Ableton Live and a bit of Logic. Layers upon layers evolved. Takes and takes were edited. 
Somehow, I managed to corner my brother in his studio and record some drums to some of the stems. I'm glad he was game. Somehow he was able to play to my bass lines. Edits upon edits made those fit to my rough tracks.
Psychadelic mainframes calculated the outcomes. If it wasn't trippy, it wasn't worthwhile. Bits and pieces came together. Like the time I went to see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith play, and the opening act sparked a memory, a thought, and then a story, channeled through Joe Frank. 
Watching my pre-schooler play with baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, I took close-up pictures. As chemical balance was achieved, cover art was born.
Moldover finished his album and I got the Kickstarter reward of the voice crusher. It worked well as the voice of a bad trip. Ebow...got to get an ebow. What can I do with that thing. Cool - more material for another track.  
At some point they were "finished." I sent them to mixture 151 for mastering. Not quite! Some things needed fixing, which meant there was space for more weird shit. Ok, now it's done, years later. 
But now it is here. I hope you enjoy it!

An album is a keepsake, a treasure, a document. But there's always new things brewing. Enjoy, below.